Posted by: Flavius | July 8, 2008

Rogers – come on!!!

So I’m on the market for a new phone. Since I heard that the new 3G IPhone is comming to Canada I was jumping on the walls. This was all good until I found out the the carrier will be Rogers. And to make it worse their data plans suck. There is no unlimited data plan with the IPhone on the Rogers network.

When I heard that I was about to cry and then storm the Rogers headquarters and knock some sense into the people that made that decission. What’s the point of having an iPhone if you can’t download pages and YouTube vids as much as you want? I mean Rogers is giving you a measily 400MB with their $60 package. OMG are we still in the 90’s?

So Rogers, I will NOT get the iPhone because of you crappy packages. Also Apple take note since I’m not the only one taking this route.

Now I still want a nice phone and I might have to settle for second best when it comes to screen size and storage capacity, but I will have unlimited bandwidth.

I am looking at Telus’s “HTC Touch Diamond“. It looks amazing and I’ve only heard good things about it.

My other choice is Bell Mobility’s “Samsung Instinct”.

The only reason I will take a smaller screen is because Telus offers UNLIMITED data for $30/month. Wow!! That’s sweet! Did you hear that Rogers… I said it’s sweet!

Just like these sweet potatoes:

I’ll keep ya’ll posted on what I decide.



  1. screen on the Touch Diamond may be smaller, but it’s higher res – full VGA.

  2. You know Tim…. you’re totally right. I might go with it after all.
    And then I find out that Telus is going to start charging for incoming sms texts as well. Also there is no shipping date on the Diamond.
    It’s “Comming Sooooonnnn”…….

  3. […] Rogers for Better Data Plan! So after my “ranty” post yesterday (found here) about Rogers Wireless’ Data Plans I came across a petition site that anybody can sign. The […]

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