Posted by: Flavius | July 22, 2008

So i gave in

Yup….I am now writting this blog entry from my new iPhone. Despite rogers being a little unfair with their customers, they Gave us a “deal” by allowing us to buy from them a 6gig plan for “only” $30/month. This will get added to your current existing voice plan. So far I am pretty satisfied with the phone.

I’ll post some more about this at a later time.



  1. Dude flav you’ve got to have too much time to blog like this (hopefully I’ve used this term correctly… :-). Anyways I’ve recently cut off my data plan from rogers due to the unexpected bill that I’ve recently received. So to clarify I’ll be brief…. I spent 2 days in the states and I used my phone very little for actual talking and a little bit of data was used to look up showtimes for a movie at the local movie theater in the states. A month later my phone bill was an uncomprehensible 400$. This last statement combined with my mexico statement (for those of you who know what happened there) another 300$. Served with a monthly bill of 110$ monthly on average just for my phone with my data package I’d say that in the last year I’ve spent around 2000$ and frankly that’s CRAAAAAAAAAZY!. Flav-man enjoy the phone….. and the bill!

    Agent S (remember me?…. hahah)

  2. Hey Agent S,
    I am really going to be looking at my phone bill after the first month. I hope it’s not even 20% of what you had to pay. That sucked man.

    You should start your own blog, I’d read it!


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