Posted by: Flavius | July 25, 2008

iPhone 3G Crashes

So I wanted to give an update on how the iPhone has been for the first week. Please note that I’m not saying that everyone had or will have the same experience as me. I just want to give my opinion on the matter.

I am very satisfied with my new iPhone. Really! I’m not lying! It is a great piece of technology. It is the best phone and the best mobile experience I have ever had. A week has passed by and I notice how the novelty feeling and excitement are wearing off. But that’s ok, I’m really starting to look at the phone with sharper eyes and clearer mind.

Here are some things I really like about the iPhone:

The App Store is amazing. My iPhone will always be something new. It is a platform where new applications can live thus it will never be just a plain old phone. I think it has the potential to rise above that. My professor at College always said that it’s all about software these days. The hardware will only get faster and better so the difference between devices will be what applications we run on them. My favorite app on the iPhone is reQall.

It looks great. Despite picking up fingerprints the phone is a piece of art.

The Storage. I know this is a little lame… but I never had a “phone” that can hold 16gigs of multimedia on it. I can hold all my media on it and with plenty room to spare. (I don’t have much music)

And some things I don`t like about my iPhone:

It crashes! Yes you heard me…. since I`ve had the phone it has crashed multiple times. I try to run an app or read some e-mail and BOOM… it crashes. I get to see the wonderful apple logo. It kinda reminds me of the blue screen of death for windows. I had uninstall all my apps because none of them were running at one point and then I reinstalled each and every one of them manually.

No Flash support! This really kills me…. I mean i know they can do it since I`m watching YouTube vids on the phone but why won`t they let me see other pages made with flash.

I must use ITunes! Come on…. really…. I do not like iTunes to be my media player. I never liked it. But now I am FORCED to only use IT. What the front door….lol

Anywho…. Leo Laporte from correctly mentioned that the iPhone is like a mini computer. Really!!! Because you can do so many things on it and also because you now allow other vendors to program on your platform you introduce errors that you never expected to have in your software. We never used to have problems with phones crashing before because they were mostly simple machines. The more complicated you get and the more software you have to be compatible you take the risk of making your software less stable.

If you have an iPhone let me know what you think….. and if you don`t have one…. let me know what you think! 🙂


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