Posted by: Flavius | August 30, 2008

“Catching some sun”

Have you heard of the expression “catching some sun”. If you’ve lived in North America for more than a few years I’m sure you’ve heard it before. When people use that expression they mean that the color of your skin has darkened because of your exposure to the sun (ie. getting a tan).

Besides English I also fluently speak Romanian.  In Romanian the expression “te-a prins soarele” means the same as “you’ve caught some sun”. There is one slight difference though. If you were to translate the Romanian expression literally it would sound like “the sun caught you”.

I lived for 13 years of my life in Romanian before I moved to Canada. I saw a big difference in how people are in North America vs Romania. I will go ahead and say that people in North America seem to be more ego-centric than Romanians. Everybody seems to care only about themselves, their goals and their ambitions.  I know that this is just an opinion and it’s also exaggerated to some point but I found it quite interesting to see that even the North American English language seems to reflect traces of this “ego-centrism”. Now please don’t hate me as I’m not trying to insult North Americans (me being one of them). I am just stating an observation.

I’d be curious to see if people that speak other languages have similar expressions to English that exhibit similar behaviour. Please let me know what you think.



  1. dude aweomse stuff flav i never knew you would write this stuff down lol, kinda nerdy but people like you are going to make it far!

  2. i will write in romanian… cred ca ai dreptate in ceea ce ai zis cred ca tu esti un exemplu de om care a luat ce e bun din ambele culturi mixandu-le si astfel facand un pod intre cele doua culturi.

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