Posted by: Flavius | October 16, 2008

Computer Preventative Maintenance

As I am continuing my A+ Technician studies I came across a suggested computer maintenance schedule. I thought it was interesting and I would like to share it with you.

Daily Activities:

  • Backup important data from the unit
  • Check computer ventilation to make the unit’s airflow is not cut
  • Check for other sources of heat buildup around the unit (sunlight, heaters, piled up books/papers)

Weekly Activities:

  • Clean the outside of the computer and it’s peripheral equipment
  • Clean the display screen
  • Run CHKDSK/f (or comparable disk checking/fixing utility)
  • Run a virus checker (this should probably be on all the time)
  • Backup revised data files on the hard drive
  • Inspect/Clean peripherals (mice, keyboard, etc.)

Monthly Activities:

  • Clean the inside of the system (remove dust, etc.)
  • Vacuum out the keyboard
  • Clean the mouse track ball rollers (does anyone still use track ball mice?)
  • Clean the inside of the printer (where applicable)
  • Defrag the hard drive
  • Check for hardware driver updates and general software updates
  • Backup entire hard drive

Six-Month Activities:

  • Apply an antistatic wash to the entire computer/peripheral work area (wow… is this really necessary?)
  • Disconnect power and signal cables from the system’s devices and reseat them
  • Clean the inside of the printer
  • Run the printer’s self-tests (I think these should be run sooner if the printer is used a lot)
  • Use a software diagnostic to check each section of the system (check for pending problems)

Annual Activities:

  • Reformat the hard drive and reinstall drivers and all necessary software (ie: backup and do a high-level reformat)
    (this PC is for sure running Windows…. is the reformat really necessary if you CHKDSK and Defrag on schedule?)
  • Check all floppy disks in the work area for viruses (more like USB sticks these days)

The best way to deal with problems is to actually prevent them all together. This Preventative Maintanence check list will help you with keeping on top of the possible problems that might show up in the computer’s daily operations.



  1. A System Auditer can be very helpful for monitoring your computer. WinDiagnostic provides a PC agent that continuously monitors both the Windows Registry and all file systems for any changes–and this product will document any suspicious program installations of configuration changes.


  2. Very nice post. As I was taught growing up, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Though it is sometimes tempting to postpone these preventive maintenance chores, they are extremely important in order to maintain the integrity of a computer.

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