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Mexico – after 1 week

So yea…… the weather has been a bit better. But I have to say that I didn’t mind the cloudy days so much since it is so hot and humid here. After a week of the little sun we got Dina and I are already “pealing” the dead skin. Mmmmm… Yummyy!!!!

I’m putting up some more videos of the things we’re doing around here.

This is a video from the second day. It was raining like crazy. But the rain is sooo warm that I wouln’t mind sitting in it. It’s very refreshing and pleasant. That same night there was a crazy thunder storm and the flashes were very bright and also very loud.

This is from the third day. I was just enjoying some sun with Dina on the beach. The waves are beautiful and the sounds of the beach are very peaceful and calming. The wind is strong, but just strong enough to cool you down.


The next couple of vids were taken as we went on this trip to a old city of the Mayan Civilization. It was a lot of fun and we learned some stuff about the Mayan culture.

On the Bus to Ek’Balam:

Things you never knew about the Mayans part 1:

Things you never knew about the Mayans part 2:

Things you never knew about the Mayans part 3:

Things you never knew about the Mayans part 4:

Things you never knew about the Mayans part 5:

Top of the Pyramid:

The Senote:

On the way to Ek’Balam we stoped at a “Senote”. This is the mexican word for a “big hole in the ground with an underground river flowing trough it”. It was preaty dark in there for the camera to take good pics but I got a little video.

This is another senote that we went to at some farm. We ate some good food there and rested in some hammocks.

Check out some more pictures on the flickr page:

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More of Mexico

Here are some more vids from the first 2 days:

The first time we saw the ocean. This is actually called the Carribean Sea. Beautiful!

This is one of the many yards at the resort.

This is what we’re eating so far. I know… poor us.

And for the end, I MUST leave you with a life lesson. Must watch!

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I’m in Mexico!!


I am a married man!!!! WOO HOOOOO!!!!

This is my second day here in Riviera Maya, Mexico together with my wife. We’re staying at the “Grand Riviera Princess” Hotel. It’s totally awesome and it’s all new.

Getting here was a little long, but worth it!! Check out a small conversation at the Cancon Airport:

We’re having lots of fun.

I don’t want to be mean to the Mexicans here but alot of them in the service industry actually ASK you for tips.

As soon as I got off the airplane this on guy came to help me with my luggage and then he took us to where our Sunquest rep was. On the way there he said to me: “Hei amigo!! you have to tip us lots of money! Like 10 or 20 dollars is good. ” I looked at him to see if he was joking and he didn’t even crack a smile.

The food is great here and you can eat as much as you want at the buffet. There are so may fruits and types of foods that you don’t even know what to start with.

The whole accomodations are AWESOME!! The beach is amazing!

Check out the my flicker account for more pics!


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The New XO 2 Laptop!

The “One Laptop Per Child” foundation has done it again! They are building the new XO laptop, the “XO 2” of course.

Come on now! Tell me you don’t want one and I won’t believe you! It looks so cool so who cares if it’s practical. So what if it’s going to be to a hellish experience typing on those touch screens? It still looks cool!

Amazon Kindle watch out!!! This new laptop can also double as an e-reader. The screen will hurt the kids eye because they’re to bright you say? Who cares? It’s still looks cool!

Pong? Come on!  Sure this is for educational purposes mostly but lets give the kids some way of wasting time! Imagine the epicness (is that even a word) of doing raids in World Of Warcraft on this puppy.

That being said the Foundation thinks that it can keep this laptop under $100. That’s amazing! I’m so getting one!!

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IT Workers are fatter?

Well that what a new study from Career Builder says anyways. Apparently half of IT workers in US gained weight at their current jobs.

The article “IT Workers Weigh In on Health Habits” elaborates:

“The study, which polled nearly 7,700 participants from Feb. 11 through March 13, found that 34 percent of IT workers report they have gained more than 10 pounds in their current positions. Even more alarming, 17 percent say they have put on more than 20 pounds!”

I got promoted about a year ago to a desk position at the company that I work. I also look after the computer system (when I find the time) . My diet hasn’t changed much but I’m sitting a lot more now. And it’s tough to get motivated to eat right when you have a pizza kitchen one door over from the office (we have a sub and pizza place). An who can forget the chips? Ahh… those good old salty chips! After eating a whole bag of those I just have to have something to drink from the walk-in-cooler that’s just 10 meters away from my door. That wonderful cooler full of pop, energy drinks, juices, teas and a little water (who gets water anyways?…phff). And that’s how I’ve gained almost 15 pounds in the last year.

Also I saw an article named “Obesity as a cause of Global Warming?” on a couple of days and couldn’t help myself from mentioning it in this context. So … the next time you see your IT Guy eating unhealthy foods tell him to “Drop it and Save the planet!”.

I DARE YOU! I bet you’ll get some weird (but priceless) looks.

That being said, I am happy to know that IT workers are less chubby than financial services or government workers. (above article)

Ha ha! 😛

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What’s wrong with what we eat?

I saw this video a couple of days ago and it was an eye opener for me.

Mark Bittman gives a talk on what is wrong with our diet these days. He take a good look at the North American diet in particular. He analyzes the history of how our diet changed in the last 90 years or so.

It’s a talk that everyone should listen to if they even care about their health. Check it out!!

What’s wrong with what we eat?” – Mark Bittman

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Font Works

I found this funny little blog post on College Humor and it’s called “Truth in Website Logos“. They modified the logos of some famous sites to express what the sites are really all about. It quite funny actually.

But it’s also strange that I stopped to think about this a little. How come I know which sites these modified logos are referring to despite the fact that their names have been changed? I thought for a bit and I think its the FONT. It’s interesting to see how powerful a well designed font can be. People think of the original company even if the word spelled out has nothing to do with them.

Here is an example from that site:


It’s also a coincidence that today I heard about These guys are obsessed with fonts. They have alot of stuff on fonts and history surrounding their creation. It’s interesting!

Also, have you ever seen a cool font and you wanted to know what it was called? Well wonder no more… with What the Font?. You can upload a pic of the font in question and it will do it’s best to figure out which font it might be. It’s pretty accurate. The problem is that if you want to see what font was used for a particular logo alot of the times that font has been modified or made from ground up for that logo… so you probably won’t be able to find a mach. But for most fonts it should be OK.

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How did I not see this show ever before? I started watching it and I’m half way trough the first season. I am in LOVE with the show. I love SciFi but I hate Westerns. I don’t know how… but this show makes it work. I’m gonna talk more about the show when I finish watching it. Until then please support the creation of the second season by clicking below.

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Tips: Painting your Living Room!

In exactly 1 month today I will be a new man.

And by that I mean that I will be a married man. This is going to be my first time (and hopefully last) so right now I’m kinda struggling to get all the preparations done.

One of the tasks on my “Amazing Pre-Wedding Task List” is to paint the apartment that I will living in after June 7th. So, my fiancee and I started with the Living Room. As this was my first time taking on such a job I’d like to share some tips that you could benefit from when painting your rooms.

  1. Choose your paint wisely:
    – We found out that not all paints are created equally. The quality is always an issue. Also the time it takes to dry in between coats is important.
  2. Choose the right tools:
    – Don’t cheap out on the brushes, rolls or masking tape. Cheap brushes and rolls leave stuff behind after you used them a couple of times and are not very reusable (costing you more in the end).
    – Good quality masking tape doesn’t come off while you’re panting. Thus you’re not painting all over door or windows.
  3. Take your time on the preparation:
    – Preparing the room means putting up the masking tape all over the stuff you don’t want to get dirty. Use newspapers and other stuff to cover appliances or furniture.
    – When putting on masking tape make sure it’s straight. Take your time.
    – If the walls are dirty they might need a good little wash. Use a damp cloth and clean the walls before painting. Wait until they dry up before continuing!
    – Cover the floor or carpet with some paper or nylon so none of the paint gets on it.
    – The more you spend on this step the better things will turn out in the end.
  4. When painting:
    – For walls paint by using an UP-And-DOWN motion. Go all they way from the bottom of the wall to the top in one motion if possible.
    – Don’t use to much paint at one time. Take your time and spread it good over the wall.
    – The paint might drip on the walls so make sure you correct that ASAP. Run your roller/brush over the area again to remove the excess paint. If this paint dries off with a drip mark on it, then it will look really crappy. Trust me, I speak from experience! 😦
    – If it the drips dry onto the wall, just sand them down and then reapply the paint on those areas.
  5. Cleanup:
    – Taking the masking tape off is a pain in the butt. So have an exact-o-knife on hand in case you need it.
    – While cleaning up don’t touch the newly painted walls with your dirty hands. You will leave marks!!
    – Clean all your tools in the recommended manner.
    – Don’t leave the lid of the paint container. It’ll suck for you the next day because it will begin to harden.

Happy Painting!!

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I love Clazziquai!

I recently fell in love with this group called Clazziquai! I have never heard anywhere the type of music that they make. It’s like a cocktail of electronic music, acid jazz and house and it’s really addicting. I really love these artists.

After I fall in love with them I now find out that they finished their college education at Capilano College which is located like 30 min from my house. I could not believe that these awesome Korean-Canadian Artists lived so close by my house. I wonder where they live now (stalker alert! lol!)!

For those of you who know Korean check out their site:

Check out some of their songs. That’s them in the MVs.

Clazziquai – choom (Dance – EN)

Clazziquai – Prayers

Clazziquai – Sweety (english version)

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